Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me Monday - 8th edition

Today is a good a day as any to talk about the heating issues we've been dealing with. When else could I throw out the following info?

Our house was not 80 degrees on Saturday afternoon.
It didn't get that hot despite having 6 windows open.
We didn't have to bother our landlord on a weekend.
We didn't have to turn off our heat even though it was in the 20's outside.
We don't have to wait three days for the replacement part to be shipped.
It is not 52 degrees in the house when we wake up in the mornings.
(We can turn the heat on for a couple hours at a time but then have to turn it off or the radiators will overheat.)

We escaped the hot temps in our house on Saturday by dropping the kids off at Grandma and Grandpa's and went out on a date. These things did not happen while we were out:

I did not drag my hubby into BabyGap just so I could see in person the cute outfits Brittany was talking about in this post.

I wasn't subjected to 5 minutes of profanity while I waited in line to use the restroom at Macy's. The mother who used the f-word every other word did not have a 6 year old in the restroom with her. She didn't allow her daughter to cut in front of me in line. That same mom didn't say the following, "What's taking so long? Is someone pooping?"
I did not spend those 5 agonizing minutes praying for the well being of that six year old.
We did not spend the first hour of our date just trying to find restrooms at the mall. What's the deal with department stores not having both restrooms in the same place????
We were not sent on a wild goose chase before we left the mall when the sign for the restrooms sent us up one floor only to find out that the men's restroom was located two floors down from the women's.
We were not completely annoyed, frustrated, and mad about restrooms. Nope. Not us.
This is not the second time I've written about bathrooms this week. That's plain gross.

I was not excited to find The Flight of the Navigator at the movie store. Who gets excited about cheesy kid movies made in the 80's? Not me!

Other things I didn't do this week:

I didn't let my kids have play food straight out of the box from the lady I bought it from on Craigslist. I washed and sanitized it all first. Since it's so tempting for them to put their lips on it I made sure it was all germ free first. I wasn't too lazy to avoid getting them sick.

I did not go out to lock the gate my robe. (I was wearing other clothes too, but the robe offered extra warmth in the cold, cold night.)

Julia didn't come downstairs after her nap wearing a dress, tights, pajama pants, and one sock. Not my little fashion diva.

I have not been treating a yeast infection as if it were diaper rash. Nope not me. I didn't let my poor baby girl suffer all week when the diaper cream didn't work. I took her in to see the right away. Not 6 days later.

I did not turn around and sell a LittleTikes Vanity for more than twice what I paid for it. The lady who bought it didn't live a quarter mile from our old house. The world isn't that small.

Brian did not have to spend an extra hour in the car yesterday driving home to retrieve my work stuff that I forgot to bring to church with me. oops.

We did not sit together as a family in church for the first time in six months. The suckers suggested by my nice readers didn't work like a charm.

I did not lose my cell phone again. It didn't ruin my whole Sunday afternoon. I did not find it in the yard 30 seconds after sending up a prayer for help. (I had dropped a receipt and when I bent down to pick it up the phone must have fallen out of my pocket.)

We didn't revel in warm temps at the apple orchard, splash in rain puddles, and build snowmen and go sledding all in the same week. Not here in Minnesota!

What did you not do this week? Join the fun at


Lindsay November 10, 2008 at 1:48 PM  

Wow - you're full of them today girl! And seriously - 80 degrees? ouch.

Restroom hunts only to find out they are CLOSED are super frustrating, too!

Oh, and the robe outside....check...only I didn't have anything but undies on underneath mine. LOL.

kay November 10, 2008 at 5:43 PM  

I almost think I would take that 80 degree weather over the cold, cold day we're having!

And the F bomb mom, wow. ):

Jenney March 12, 2009 at 7:52 PM  

Well while I'm commenting on posts written last year I'll just leave another comment...those boots Brittany wanted for her little girls? I bought the "boy version" for Baby J a month or so ago for $2.50 on clearance and I LOVE THEM. Except they don't stay on his feet so much because his feet are too small and they are the smallest size they sold. *sigh* But they are beautiful.

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