Saturday, November 8, 2008

With a Capital "F"

Freedom - I went downstairs to let the cat out and feed him his breakfast this morning an could not find him anywhere. Brian searched. I searched. I searched again. My mind started racing through all the senarios...was there poison in the basement that we didn't know about? Is there a hole somewhere that he got out through (would help explain the mice getting in!), was he stuck somewhere? Finally I went outside and sure enough, there was the cat, trotting up to the front door to get his breakfast.

Fresh Air - We have radiator heat in this house and so far it had been working just fine. I'm bracing myself for the day our built in china cabinet doubles as a freezer. Until then we are experiencing the opposite problem - it's flippin' HOT in here! Two mornings in a row we've woken up in hot, stuffy rooms. The termostat is set at 67, but it is 76 in here. I have always struggled to breath in hot air. Maybe there's a nurse or a doctor out there who could tell me if that's related to my low blood pressure and low pulse (50-55 beats a minute)???
We turned the thermostat WAY down (50) and have a number of windows cracked to reverse the sauna effect.

Free Time - Brian's mom has graciaously accepted our request for a spur of the moment babysitter. After naps we'll drop the kids off at Grandma and Grandpas and head into the 'burbs in search of something fun and free to do. We haven't figured out yet what we want to do with two precious hours of kid-free time. If it's anything like the two hours I spent wandering around Target yesterday (mostly in the toy aisle), it will be filled with talk about the kids, but at least we'll be able to talk in complete sentences and without interuptions. :)

Freaked out - You know all those doors I talked about in our house? Well FOUR of them lead outside. I think our front door is pretty obvious, but the man who was peaking in the door next to the library thought that particular door looked like a good option. I was sitting here at the dining room table blogging away when the dog went balistic. I looked up to see a beared man looking into my house. Talk about freaked out!
I kindly explained to the mailman that he could leave packages by the other door if we weren't home. I hope he got the message.


Aspiemom November 8, 2008 at 6:48 PM  

I would have freaked out at seeing someone looking in the window, too! Hope he got the message.

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