Saturday, May 29, 2010

How I spent my summer vacation - day 2

Yesterday I blogged about the challenge I've set out for myself to blog every sing day during summer vacation.

Today I'm photographing a wedding so I'm writing setting this to autopublish while I'm melting in the 90 degree heat with 90% humidity.

Yesterday Julia asked if I would paint with her. I had a few minutes before I needed to leave so I sat down to paint with watercolors next to my art loving daughter. Sam joined us at the table but chose crayons instead of paints. Referring to his snake book he started measuring to make sure the snake he was drawing was the correct length. That's when I got the idea to roll out some white paper so they could also draw the really, really big snakes.

I didn't have to ask them twice. They were SO excited to do this impromptu project. PapaBear measured out the correct lengths of the snakes while the kids started to color them.

Two and a half hours later this is what they'd created:

37 snakes on 16 feet of paper. The anaconda actually gets up to 30 feet though, (Still not sure what possessed me to swim in the same lake as one in college) so we had to pretend it was a baby one.

I plan to hang the giant snake banner in the garage. That's where our BIG art projects go - the fridge only holds so many and this way we get to enjoy them much longer.

Hope your summer vacation is off to as good a start as ours!


Shiri Briseno May 29, 2010 at 10:18 PM  

stumbled across your blog, Love it! Love the snake project I just might have to do it with my kiddos, the boys love anything that creeps, crawls or slithers around. Thanks for the great idea, keep them coming we have ten weeks of summer this year, but with lots of creativity I'm sure they will fly by.

Erin May 30, 2010 at 6:55 PM  

What a great idea, I need to start doing more art projects and things like that with Alex.

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