Tuesday, April 8, 2008

By the numbers

warning, this is random because well....cuz that's how my brain works.

21 - the number of days we waited for school to start up again after Easter and spring break
4 - the number of days we had two cars before going back down to one (temporarily)
40 - the number of miles we drove to drop off the van for bodywork only discover the bodyshop had a locked gate and we couldn't leave where we had planned
6 - the number of months it's been since we went to a Halloween party in the area, but somehow Sam remembered the turn off to the house tonight when we drove past it.
23 - the number of days we have left in this house
20 - the number of pounds I have to lose in order to fit into my summer wardrobe
8 - the number of days it's going to take to fix the van
2 - the number of rooms in the new house that my father-in-law is refinishing the hardwood in this week (THANK YOU GENE! and THANK YOU RENA FOR BABYSITTING!)
100 - the number of dollars we spent when Brian went to the MinuteClinic when we thought he might have strep
130 - the number of dollars the lab charged us for for the 24 hour strep test
0 - the number of washer/dryers in our new house
0 - the number of washer /dryers we can take with us from the old house
3 - the number of laps Sam and I made around HomeDepot tonight in the race car shopping cart
12 - the number of hours of sleep I got in one night last week
2 or 3 - the number of nights it usually take for me to get 12 hours of sleep
6 - the number of loads of stuff we've taken to the new house
3 - the number of weeks we were told it would take to find out who would get the caretaker position
2 - the number of hours it actually took for them to call us for a second interview
45 - the number of hours between the first interview and the offer
24 - the number of inches of snow some parts of this state received yesterday
2 - the number of bathrooms our new house has (I couldn't be happier!)
8 - the number of hours of sleep I could get if I get my behind to bed soon


Kelly April 7, 2008 at 10:52 PM  

I love these kinds of posts! :)

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