Sunday, January 13, 2008


Love&Logic says that parents are suppose to give our kids choices many times throughout the day. Give most of the choices to our kids when things are going smoothly so when we really need them to do as we ask, they'll be more willing to cooperate. (See what JMom said about this topic at Lots of Scotts.)

The hubby and I practiced this all weekend:

"Sam, do you want to get dressed in the living room or the dining room?"
"Sam, do you want Mommy or Daddy to put your coat on?"
"Sam, do you want me to put your pants or your shirt on first?"
" Sam, do you want milk or juice?"
"Sam, do you want a big boy cup or a plastic cup?"

On and on we went. Simple things. Always two choices that in the end made everyone happy.

Unexpected Bonus: Giving Sam choices in the middle of a meltdown distracts him and gets him thinking about something else. For example: He doesn't like to put his coat on so in the middle of the process I ask him if he wants to bring a car or a train along. He's so busy thinking about his answer that I can easily finish zipping up his coat and away we go.
Double bonus: Neither of us get too worked up and frustrated which leads me to this statment on page 63:

How do we prevent or break the misbehavior cycle? Simply put, we show our kids that we can handle them without breaking a sweat. We replace anger and frustration with soft words and powerful yet kind actions. The kids think if their parents can handle them that easy, they must be OK.


4 little men January 14, 2008 at 8:56 AM  

I read that book a while back... it's a great book. I should read it again.

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