Thursday, June 17, 2010

to a *T*

Sam has been playing T ball for a few weeks now. First three practices and then last night was his second game. The weather has been PERFECT every time (unlike this very moment with heavy downpour and high winds). Did I mention we only came to the office with umbrellas? They aren't going to do us much good with sideways rain. Anyway...back to yesterday's how we spent our summer vacation post....we spent the early afternoon at the beach until I couldn't stand the misbehaving kid that wouldn't leave Sam and Julia alone. I know I shouldn't judge, but his mother had no clue how to handle her child. None. I know kids have bad days, I KNOW BECAUSE MINE HAVE BAD DAYS TOO. But. This kid was ripping toys out of other children's hands, throwing sand at people, and splashing little kids. All of those things happened after she threatened to make him leave 7 different times. Ugh...

It was much safer and calmer at home on the slip-n-slide. Julia has more fun puttering in the garage and in the flower beds than scratching herself up on the slip-n-slide so for once they aren't fighting about something. Going to VBS next week will be good or them. They haven't been apart in a week. We're on a modified schedule through tomorrow that doesn't include rest time (if it's nice outside) so they are together every.waking.moment.

After a quick dinner we headed to Sam's game. Conor is old and grumpy and absolutely HATES it when we leave the house without him. We have to let him out and then coax him back to his cord so I can make him come in. This time he pulled his collar off so I said forget it and let him jump in the van. Other than a Christmas here and there, he never gets out so it was fine that he came with. I like the challenge of getting Sam and his gear, a 3 year old, a purse, a camera, a chair, and a hyper dog to a T ball game in one piece. Yeah right. Thankfully my SIL joined us so I had an extra pair of hands.

Sam played first base for the first time so I took lots of video to show Daddy. He hit the ball on the first try and ran as fast as he could while dodging the other team who swarmed to every ball that was hit. Made me thankful that Sam's coach has the kids spread out more and they (for the most part) stick to their own area.

I had 'one of those kids' after the game when Julia flipped out about not getting fruit snacks like Sam did. She wailed all the way through the grocery store where Sam decided to pick out his check mark reward. We stopped at the library to drop off coloring entries and to request a few books for me. I've read most of the historical christian romances that I know of in our library so the librarian helped me find some new authors. My criteria are Bethany House Publishers and historical christian romance series. Know of any good authors that fit that bill let me know! I'm trying a new author, Stephanie Grace Whitson right now.

Across from the library a baseball game was being played so we grabbed the dog and wandered over. It isn't very often that we get to do stuff late at night like that but the weather was so nice and I've been letting the kids stay up later this week.

Yet another sign of summer!


Shiri Briseno June 18, 2010 at 1:20 PM  

isn't life wonderful when we all have the time to just go and come as we please I love days and nights like those. I am so happy to see that your summer is going so well. Have a wonderful Friday

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