Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How to make a dinosaur cake

It should be no surprise that the kids both wanted a dinosaur cake for their birthdays this year. Sam wanted to put his {five} candles in the tail (closer to the chocolate - a boy after my own heart). Julia thought her {three} candles would look good stuck in the head.

I don't know about other families with kids who have birthdays eleven days apart like ours, but for us, it has not been an issue to combine their celebrations. They don't mind one bit. If a time comes when it does bother them, we'll make some changes to our routine, but for now we have either a small family gathering on their actual birthdays, or have a bonus meal with our
family who lives close by as close to the actual birthday as we can. A party with friends usually falls between their birthdays as {wedding photography} schedules allow.

But back to the cake:

Here's how I pieced the big guy together:

1 heart shaped cake cut in half and stuck together forms the head

1 round cake cut in half forms the body

1 crescent shape cut from a 2nd round cake forms the tale.

The extra pieces form the legs and fill in the neck area.

I used Hershey's kisses for the spikes and red candies for the eyes.

I can't wait to see what they request next year! The good news is that there is a certain member of the family that is an expert cake maker that I can turn to for advice. See?

Thanks Rena for making the perfect cake {complete with a lighted fire} for our favorite cubs!

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