Sunday, October 19, 2008

While you were sleeping

Mommy and Daddy were driving six hours away to spend their first nights away together in over 2 years.

While you were getting dressed, we were paddling across the first of 2 lakes.

While you were eating breakfast, Mommy was resting half way through the 190 rod portage.

While you were painting pumpkins, Daddy was carrying the canoe (and the food pack) around some rapids on the South Kiwishiwi River.

While you were eating hamburgers and ice cream cones at McDonald's, Mommy was catching our lunch.

While you were making pizza with Sharon, Grandma, and Grandpa, Mommy and Daddy were enjoying the view at their campsite.

While you were watching Whinnie the Pooh, Daddy was catching big fish.

For the record Mommy had a bigger bass on her line until it broke the line.

While you were eating tacos, Mommy and Daddy were eating fresh fish.

Really fresh

While you were getting ready for bed, Mommy took this picture for Stellan's gallery.

While you were sleeping in your beds, we were sleeping in this tent.

In fact, we were probably sleeping before you were! We were in the tent most nights by 7pm.

While you were sound asleep, Mommy and Daddy were paddling and portaging in the dark so we could get home to you faster.

While you were eating breakfast, we saw an eagle fly over our canoe during the last 5 minutes of our time on the water.

While you were napping, Mommy and Daddy were driving home to see you!

Correction: Daddy was driving. Mommy was sleeping.

We missed you!


Lisa October 20, 2008 at 1:26 PM  

GREAT pictures. Looks like you both had alot of fun!!

4 Little Men and Twins October 21, 2008 at 2:39 PM  

wow! What an adventure! Sounds like you had a ton of fun!


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