Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Let the Little Children Come Unto Me

Not even a downpour as we were walking into school this morning was going to spoil Sam's first day of preschool.

Mrs. W uses pictures of the kids to mark their hooks, cubbies, and every day they move their picture from the top of her desk to the front of her desk where a picture of the school is posted to signify checking in.

There was so much to see and do in his warm and inviting classroom. The room has numerous stations - many with vintage, hard to find toys. Sam's favorite spots were the Playdough table, book corner, and matchbox cars. MY favorite time was Jesus Time. After almost three years in the public school system I am over the moon about Sam getting a Christian education. The photo below is of Mrs. W showing the children the Bible before she told them the story of how Jesus was tired at the end of a long day of talking with the people and when the disciples turned a crowd away he said, "Let the children come unto me."

He was extremely shy with pockets of personality peeking out occasionally. I know he'll be fine when I'm not there and he's feeling better. (He woke up with a runny nose which I thought was allergies until late this afternoon when my head started pounding on account of the sinus pressure.)

Happy First Day of School Sammy!


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