Monday, August 18, 2008

The worst drought yet

***Pop Quiz answer posted at the end of this post***

There is an ebb and flow to the number of pacifiers we can locate on any given day. Ever since Julia decided that she needed at least three every night to fall asleep we've been lucky enough to be able to keep track of 3-5 most of the time.....until yesterday. We came home from the hospital and couldn't find any. Somewhere I know there is a stash of them that we brought home from the cabin last week, but we haven't been able to find them anywhere. We tore the house apart at bedtime, desperate to find one. The couch coughed one up so disaster was averted.

Twenty-four hours later we found ourselves in the same desperate situation because the one paci Brian found in the couch wasn't the kind she liked and for some reason and the only other one I could scrounge up was the one we had cut the end off when we broke Sam of the paci habit.
"BOKE!" she said with a sob - over and over again. She was also crying about going to the bathroom too so I had to keep getting her up and taking her potty.

A knock on the door tore me away from the bedtime battle and five minutes later as I was walking back from checking a camper in at the office I remembered that there might be a paci in the stroller I keep in the back of the van. Score!
She was out like a light before I could walk the five steps to her bedroom door. (Which goes completely against the answer to my pop quiz question from earlier in the week - The average person takes 7 minutes to fall asleep.)


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