Friday, July 11, 2008

In and Out

and this is only the first day of the weekend....

4pm: In the extra refrigerator across the street from our house there are 72 cans of pop, 48 cans of beer, and 48 bottles of water
Then I find out that someone rented the party room at the last minute and we have to move everything we were chilling for Brian's mom's retirement party.
4:05pm: Out of the refrigerator come 72 cans of pop, 48 cans of beer, and 48 bottles of water
4:10: Crammed in our refrigerator goes 72 cans of pop, 48 cans of beer, and 48 bottles of water amongst 15 pounds of sloppy-joes and our regular food. Did I mention the weather report says it feel like it's 99 degrees out? If there ever was a moment where I wanted to throw in the towel on my caffeine free life, this was it.
7pm: In the campground there are 35 campsites full of people
8pm: All huddled together in the campground office there are 35 campsites worth of people because of severe weather outside. (A fire truck came barreling in here at 7:45 wanting to know why our severe weather siren wasn't going off. The skies looked bad and the wind was whipping around like crazy but we weren't under any warnings according to the weather radio. In a matter of minutes our severe weather plan went from being something I've read a couple of times on paper to the real deal. One thing we hadn't taken into account in our planning was what to do if it was after bedtime. I didn't want to be huddled in our basement by myself with the kids so I grabbed them from their beds and went over to the office with all the campers and six dogs. Somehow Julia still managed to get her hands on THREE pacifiers before we left.)
9pm: Our two tired and wet children are back in their beds - out like a light.


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