Tuesday, May 27, 2008

sink or swim

On a whim I stopped in at a local swimming pool to check on the openings for swimming lessons this summer. Sam has a terrible fear of getting water in his eyes or anywhere on his face. He has to have a dry towel near him to wipe his face off while he plays in the tub. Much to my surprise, I walked in on the very first day of spring swim camp. Perfect. Sign us up. And that's exactly what I did. Tomorrow at 11am Sam will be nervously clinging to my leg in his orange and blue shark covered swim trunks as we embark on this rite of childhood. Only he gets to overcome his fears in 90 degree water. I on the other hand, had to endure freezing cold temps in Lake Ripley where I was too short to touch bottom in the area designated for my swimming level. In between laps I would have to tread water. Often I would be become fatigued and would have to hold onto my instructor.
You know me. I'll have my camera ready and waiting to document every minute of the 30 minute lesson. That is of course, the minutes I'm not trying to keep Julia out of the pool and keep Sam in the pool.
What are your memories of swimming lessons as a child?


MerrandaVK May 27, 2008 at 9:33 PM  

Can you believe that I never took swimming lessons as a child?

I have been meaning to comment on a few of your posts, but I seem to only have time to check blogs and not comment, as I have one child in my arms or am cooking with one hand or something......

Thanks for your thoughts on Star Wars. A year ago I would have NEVER dreamed I would have considered it, and not saying when/if we'll let him. He has just grown up SO much this past year, it still amazes me. He is very interested in dying and death, which started at Easter as he was learning about Jesus dying on the cross. It is a natural curiousity for him, as we don't even have any television channels (we have a TV though) in our home, and limited video privelages. I have friends all over the spectrum as far as movie watching standars so its just so hard. Justin has 5 boy cousins and they are all 7 and younger and all into it! Also some very conservative friends of mine let their boys 4&5 watch it... Sorry this is so long here.

I'll have to chat with you about horse riding someday as my daughter Ethny wants to go so badly!!

Have a great night!

(yes so funny that we met at Thomas and I was crabby and hot and pregnant and probably didn't make the greatest impression - sorry :(

Hilary May 28, 2008 at 8:46 PM  

I'm interested in hearing how Sam's swimming lessons went!
I hope he enjoyed it!

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