Monday, May 26, 2008

Red White & Blue

Our 3rd annual trip to the Moravian Cemetery for the Memorial Day service was almost a bust. We arrived after the axillary members who travel around to multiple cemeteries in our county. We dashed up the road just in time to hear former Chaplin, Warren E. deliver the prayer. We stood solemnly during the playing of taps and then covered our ears for the 21 gun salute. No tears were shed despite the very loud noise. I grew up attending Memorial Day parades and services. I either marched in the band or rode my horse with my fellow 4-Hers.
It's important for Sam and Julia to understand the sacrifice that has been made for their freedom. My measly attempt at prepping Sam on where we were going last night showed that he's still a ways off on truly understanding the concept. Our conversation last night went something like this:
Me: Sam, tomorrow we are going to the cemetery and the parade to honor the people who keep our country safe.
Sam: You mean from bears and alligators?

Sam wasn't worried about bears and alligators when it came time for the 21 gun salute that was part of the festivities downtown after the parade. He hid behind me for twenty minutes before he recovered

Julia's favorite part this year was the flags, the music, and the picnic we brought along. We missed having Daddy along, but he had to hold down the fort at the campground. It's been non-stop action around here with 55 families camping in our backyard. Don't feel too bad for him though. He's at a graduation party with Sam enjoying the yummy food, good company, and elaborate storytelling.


Anonymous May 26, 2008 at 9:38 PM  

Great post!! I LOVE that last photo of Julia! Remember last year, when we went to the parade together..or, rather, we met up there? Fun times!!

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