Saturday, December 1, 2007

Over the hills and through the woods

There was just enough snow to get our Christmas tree this morning. Don't get me wrong, plenty of snow is falling but driving out to the country to cut the tree and getting home in case Brian has to work today meant we had to leave Church early and hustle out the Grandma and Grandpa's for the tree. Grandpa did a wonderful job "planting" the tree for the kids to find.
"That tree looks nice!" said Sam with his as he shielded his face from the driving icey pellets. Hearing those words made all the effort worth it - even the flat tire Brian discovered as he was loading the van to go home.

We let Daddy and Grandpa do all the hard work while we supervised from afar. Poor Sam didn't like the wind one bit. Julia didn't seem to mind. She was busy trying to figure out where her hands went, why she couldn't put her arms down at her side normally, and how one minute she knew how to walk and the next her feet were shoved into boots four sizes to big which made it impossible to move. Thanks for everything Grandma and Grandpa!

You can see in his eyes how miserable he is. He even turned down a second cookie! (That orange pants wearing boy is you, Kieran!)

Can't wait to get it in the house and decorate it...tomorrow. I just got the call that Brian has to plow the rest of the day/night. Poor guy.


MckMama December 1, 2007 at 10:02 PM  

I'm SO happy for your great tree experience! And more than a little jealous:) Ours was meager compared to yours. What beautiful photos you got! Even the one of the tree on the it.

Sorry Sam is still under the weather. But how FUN that he thought of Kieran and turned a gingerbread man into an orange pant wearing friend!

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