Monday, June 25, 2007

Mommy Talk

This week we are talking about our favorite baby items .

When Sam was a baby:

Sleep positioner This product made napping anywhere a breeze. No matter where we were he always felt like he was at home in his own bed.

The book: Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron

Metrolite stroller (by Graco)- I never envied the mom's who had to lug big heavy strollers around. The Metrolite had just as much storage room and is way lighter.

Favorite items for Julia:

Hands-down my most prized baby item is my video monitor. I HIGHLY recommend them.
I have one made by Summer that makes me feel so much better about Julia being in her own room. It's already been a life-saver when Julia discovered how to sit up in bed and was very close to launching herself out of the crib.

My Kangaroo Korner, adjustable fleece sling
comes in a close second. They are worth every penny
when you have more than one child to care for. (

I also can't live without my lidded prep bowls (some from Pampered Chef, most from Target) for storing her homemade baby food. Which leads me to my bible of baby food books, Super Baby Food. I've given at least 6 of these away to friends who have had babies. It has 560 pages of essential nutrition info - even if you never make one bite of homemade food I still recommend it.

I haven't been using my breast pump much lately, but there was a time that I pumped at least twice a day. Medela's pump-in-style is wonderfully fast.

Both my kids use sleep sacks made by Halo. They give me peace-of-mind each and every time I put my kids to bed at night.

I should also mention the two newer things that I'm so grateful to have discovered: Evenflo still makes glass bottles and Mam makes soft rim pacifiers. Both of these products help me avoid Bisphenol A.


jesse June 25, 2007 at 6:34 PM  

Thanks for stopping over at my blog! I totally forgot about the sleep sack-I loved that thing.

Jennifer McKinney Photography June 25, 2007 at 9:01 PM  

Glad you mentioned the Kangaroo Korner sling. If I would have done this Mommy Talk today, that's what I would have mentioned. Couldn't have survived either boy's infancy without a sling!

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