Thursday, April 12, 2007

I'm Way Behind (That's a good thing)


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A while back I promised to post a list of Sam's words. On Tuesday night Sam said a seven word sentence. (Sammy stay home with Daddy and Julia.) I guess it's about time I get caught up before he learns even more words and I get further behind in documenting Sam's growing vocabulary. We are still in awe of how far he's come. From not saying more than five words right before his 2nd birthday - to talking in sentences in six short months.
sank-a : Thank you
baff : bath
fosty : Frosty the Snowman
coomies : excuse me
ba-LOOO : blue
yecky : yellow
JoJo : Julia
oopdi-daisy : oops-a-dasies
blop : truck (he's finally saying truck now)
fighty blop : fire truck
blum : grandma
blop : grandma (yes, that was also his word for truck)
***He's saying gammy and gandpa now****
shinny : Sharon (Brian's sister)
fedgy sticks : veggie sticks
serzy : cereal
yuke : yogurt
applesauzy : apple sauce
mitty : peanuts
exersizy : exercise
gox : Grant
B : Brianna
sauzy : sorry
love "A" you : love you
vinny : vitamin
f***y : vacuum (luckily this swear-word like word isn't said in public...much)

***********More recent additions*****************

peeky-boo : hide and seek
ABC : able to see
siggy : silly
cuz : because
too-ee : kiwi
doubloo : "W"

*****bonus material*******
No. Sammy self. - Brian's favorite Sam-ism.
Here you go Mommy - His very first real sentence
Oooh! That's funny!
Why not MaMom (or DaDa)? - "because SamSam" is often our reply


Jennisa - Avery and Livvie's Mommy! April 12, 2007 at 4:38 PM  

I LOVE those! "Chalk" at our house used to be "f***"! Glad you captured all those words!

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