Friday, June 11, 2010

Garden Goodies Already!

Having one year of straw bale gardening under our belts is nice. I have something to compare to. Since I planted a week later than last year these photos from June 19th, 2009 are a good comparison point.

We didn't get any radishes last year so already we're off to a better start. We have way more bean plants this year and we're trying peas for the first time. They are climbing so high that they are well on their way to the 5th wire up!

I've added another dose of bone meal to stave off blossom end rot and some manure to help boost the squash plants that, admittedly, shouldn't be so close together.

The peppers are blooming and I can't keep track of how many of our 12 tomato plants are sprouting new tomatoes. That a problem I can live with!

Lots of rainy nights followed by sunny days makes for one happy garden and gardener!


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