Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Near and Far

We live out in the country and that means anytime we want to go somewhere it usually involves at least a twenty minute drive. When we can, we try to take advantage of the things the small town nearby has to offer. We weigh the higher costs of items here vs. the cost to drive to the bigger stores in the suburbs. I was thankful today was one of those days where I could accomplish everything within a one mile radius. We went from the library (for story time) to Sam's school (to pick up Sam) to McDonalds (for a $4.20 lunch and some playtime), the doctor (in the same parking lot as McDonalds), and then across the street to the pharmacy. The suburbs might have more options, but I love the ease of getting around our small little corner of the world. After almost 6 months it's starting to feel like home. The last time I was in our old neighborhood I felt so uncomfortable and out of place. Funny how that happens.

Tomorrow will be pretty much the opposite of today.
We'll be out all day long. It's the much anticipated day that Stellan will make his debut and we're planning our whole day around visiting MckMama.
We're also planning a trip to the Children's Museum and to sell a couple items off of Craigslist, a stop at my photo lab, and a couple little stops along the way.
Good thing gas prices have dropped by $1.50 in the last month!


Anonymous October 28, 2008 at 3:43 PM  

Can't wait to see you tomorrow, my friend! So glad you are able to make "a day of it" and happy you are willing to travel far to see us!!! Looking forward to it!!!

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