Sunday, October 26, 2008

The ABC's of a Field Trip

A is for animals
Sam and his classmates spent Tuesday morning getting up close and personal with the animals on the farm.

B is for Brrrrrrr
It was a chilly morning, but I didn't hear one complaint from the kids. They were too busy having fun.

C is for Cow
We watched how a cow gets milked, saw where the milk gets stored, felt the wet noses of young calves...

D is for Devin
It was Devin's grandparent's farm that we visited

E is for Egg
The kids searched for eggs in the chicken coop. After a few minutes Julia started freaking out. Then it dawned on me that she had just remembered that she'd been bitten by a chicken at the zoo this past summer.

F is for Farm Equipment.
The look on the kid's faces when they watched Devin's dad drive the combine was priceless.

G is for Group.
What a great group of kids Sam has in his class. It was fun to watch him interact with his classmates and for Julia to feel part of the group. For the most part she fits right in, except for when she stands behind the tallest girl in the class. :)

H is for Hay Ride.
We took a spin around the property.

I is for Interesting.
The kids were mesmerized by all they saw and experienced at the farm.

J is for Jealous.
Sam got to ride the school bus to the farm even though we could see the house from the road the farm is on. Julia was so upset that she didn't get to ride the bus too. I told her in two years it would be her turn. It didn't go over very well. Gee, I wonder why?

K is for Kitty
There were kitties everywhere. Both my kids loved to pet them.

L is for Ladder.
Sam couldn't wait to get up the ladder to sit in the combine. I couldn't wait for him to get down. The little stinker wouldn't stop touching the levers and buttons. Have you ever seen how BIG combines are? Not good.

M is for Milk.
After seeing where milk comes from it made a fitting drink to wash down their snack.

N is for Neighbors.
It was nice to finally meet some of our neighbors. (The farm is right across the lake from us.)

O is for Oyster Shells.
We learned that the chickens eat oyster shells with their food to make the shells of the eggs stronger.

P is for Pumpkin.
Each child got to get off the hay wagon and pick their own pumpkin from the field.

Q is for sQueeze.
At least one egg didn't survive all the handling by preschoolers.

R is for Running.
Sam ran to get the furthest pumpkin.

S is for Sunny.
It may have been cold, but the sky was blue and the sun warmed us as much as possible.

T is for Tractor.
My kids never get tired of sitting on farm equipment.

U is for Upset.
At first Julia was excited to be on the pony, but then...not so much.

V is for View.
It was refreshing to see our lake from a different view.

W is for Wild.
How else can I describe Julia's hair that day?

X is for eXact.
Having grown up on a horse farm I really wanted my children's first horseback riding experience to be more than the walk-in-a-circle carnival pony ride. Today they got a taste exactly as I imagined they would - a gentle ride on a pony that wasn't tied to the spoke of a giant wheel.

Y is for Yawn.
After all that fresh air and excitement, both kids slept soundly at naptime.

Z is for Zellman.
What a nice family to let a group of preschoolers come out to the farm on their 54th wedding anniversary and Mr. Zellman's 75th birthday.


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