Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - by the numbers

1. Eleven - the number of errands we ran today
2. Seven- the number of hours it took us to complete those errands
3. Four - the number of stops were were able to leave the kids in the car since all of us were along
4. Thirty - the number of minutes I have until I have to be at work
5. Three - the number of flours I bought at the health food store (Rye, Corn (meal), Wheat
6. Fifteen - the number of great shots the photographer got of Julia this morning
7. Zero - the amount of money I spent on portraits today (took a HUGE amount of restraint)
8. Two hundred - the number of campers that will be here for the next four days
9. Six - the number of days Brian has been laid off of work
10. Thirty-seven - the number of bran muffins we've eaten in the past week
11. One - the number of days I have to find someone to take over our wireless internet connection before I cancel our high speed connection - anyone local interested in a two year plan for $60 a month?
12. Three - the number of campers that have driven past my house since I started this post
13. Nine - the number of days Brian's mom was away from home recovering from knee replacement surgery - Welcome Home Rena!! We love you!!!!


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