Wednesday, July 23, 2008

things that make me smile - the Julia edition

* This morning she scooched past me in the upstairs bathroom and said "E E Mommy"
My heart melted as I listened to my daughter say "Excuse me Mommy"

* The other day I watched her play with a group of FisherPriceLittlePeople from the doorway of the playroom . Like her big brother did at this age, she had a group of cars all lined up. What made me smile was that one by one she was turning the people so they were all facing forward in their vehicles.

* Her hair was especially frizzy today - creating a 'fro like I've never seen. I giggled when I realized it was more than five inches tall.

* She p**ped on the p*tty this morning. "JoJo p**p," she's been saying ever since (and then squats and grunts).

* She still has rubber-band wrists which have white creases in them where the sun is unable to tan her skin.


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