Monday, June 23, 2008

By the numbers

6 - the number of months it took us to kill 3 goldfish
2 - the number of well behaved children living in this house
10 - the number of times a day I revel in that fact
1 - the number of freckles on Julia's face (near her hairline)
3 - the number of freckles on Sam's face (near his nose, hairline, and jawline)
10,000 - the number of freckles on my body
1 - the number of weddings I've booked for this year so far
2 - the number of books I'm in the middle of reading
20 - the number of books my kids read in a day
40- the number of minutes Sam sat on the couch this morning listening to a book on CD
2 - the number of loaves of bread the kids and I made last week
22 - the number of days until we are hosting a retirement party for Brian's mom at our house - hence...
2 - the number of hours we spent cleaning out the garage on Saturday
3 - the number of hours we spent at our beach on Friday
8:00 the numbers on the clock lately when I get up in the morning
60 - the number of minutes Julia will read books in her crib in the morning
20 - the number of times I run over to the office for park related business in an average week
3 - the number of times I've called the Sheriff's office this month
22 - the number of hours before Brian's mom goes in for knee replacement surgery
5 - the number of weeks before my mom moves an hour and a half away
49 - the number of days until I become an aunt for the first time
3 - the number of picture perfect weekends we've had this summer
40 - the number of fish Sam and Julia caught the other night
1,000 - the number of mosquitoes that attacked us on our hike last week
10 - the number of things I should be doing instead of blogging
1 - the number of tents I'm going to put up in our front yard today
70 - the number of days since I've used cloth diapers (that streak ends today. I cringe just thinking about the number of disposable diapers I've wasted since right before we moved)
54 - the number of days we've lived in this house
8 - the number of boxes I still have left to unpack
0 - the number of things I've put up on the wall in this house
16 - the number of steps Julia just walked down like a big girl
90 - the number of minutes I spent cleaning up after two graduation parties held in the park over the weekend.
countless - the number of snuggles I'm going to go give my kids right now!

Have a great week everyone!


Anonymous June 23, 2008 at 12:04 PM  

40 fish caught!?!?! And 3 dead goldfish!? That second one must have been recent, the newest goldfish dying. Think it was the water? I love reading the numbers games. I am exhausted now, though!!

4 Little Men & Twins June 23, 2008 at 12:45 PM  

Oh I love these... the freckle count was cute. :)


Kiki November 10, 2008 at 6:11 PM  

Great work.

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