Tuesday, May 13, 2008

43 and counting

Three and a half. That's what I always say when talking about Sam's age. Nobody says, "My son is 43 months old today." Except today that's exactly what I'm doing. :) With a toddler in the house who gets to celebrate her month birthday I can't help but want to mark this, the 13the day of May for Sam as well. Of course at this moment he's alternating between picking on his sister and playing with her. I think that's what this age for him has been all about. Testing limits, gaining independence. He wants to do many things by himself yet he is content to let me get him dressed in the mornings (if it isn't a jammie day). I will always remember his childhood as one that included books. He doesn't go more than a half a day without sitting down with at least one book to look at. His favorites right now include Diggers and Cranes, my Richard Scarry book from 1979, and his Truck book. He's incredibly polite and observant; remembering things he only heard once. He has the sweetest smile, the cutest freckle on his belly belly, and a contagious giggle. He loves to play with whatever toy his sister has and is often the recipient of my frustrated call from the other room of, "What are you doing to your sister ?" He's protective of her and is stuck like glue to her if he thinks someone is getting too close. He loves music and dancing around the living room or even restrained in the car seat. Music that isn't Psalty the Singing Songbook is referred to as "different music", K's sound like T's so I can't help but chuckle to myself when he talks about kitties. He loves school and thanks to the one way mirror I know first hand that he participates in all the activities with enthusiasm. I can't tell if snack or music time is his favorite part. He faithfully hugs both of his teachers after every Monday and Friday class. He's so good with directions that after only one visit to his new school, he recognized the road to the school, then the building, and the location of his classroom.
It may be silly to count the months, but I don't care. For me it gives me an opportunity to pause in the day and think of where my son is at this stage in his life. Childhood may be over before we know it, but I will be able to say I savored every minute with my Sammy Sam.


4 Little Men & Twins May 13, 2008 at 12:39 PM  

awww... so cute! What an adorable age. Enjoy! :)


MerrandaVK May 13, 2008 at 1:09 PM  

Sweet post. Sam sounds like a great little guy!

Anonymous May 13, 2008 at 6:08 PM  

Our Sammy Sam is growing into such a beautiful little boy. He sure knows how to melt grandmas heart when he gives me one of his special hugs and tells me he loves me. As for our JoJo she is following in his footsteps and melts my heart with each hug and her wuv vu. Love ya, grandma Rena

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