Wednesday, April 30, 2008

the light at the end of the tunnel

It's in sight! After the longest month of my life (well, except for when I was in and out of the hospital during Julia's pregnancy) we are so close to being done with the move. Brian took the day off of work today and it made all the difference. If I'd had to make the last two trips out to the house with kids in tow I think they'd be scarred for life from the trauma of my short fuse and inability to give them the attention they need. Instead, Brian is at home cleaning the house while the kids nap and I'm at the house bringing out what better be the 2nd from last load. Tonight Brian will bring out the freezer, the washing machine (thank you Craigslist), and Sam's birthday tree (which he'll drop off at his parent's house where it will be reside)

Because I like the randomness of numbers and it will serve to capture the essence of my life right now and because it will be fast so I can get back to work....

140 - the number of miles I've driven back and forth between the house in the past 24 hours
30 - the number of windows I have to put window coverings on
14 - the number of bruises on my legs from moving
90 - the number of dollars I spent on a new washer and dryer
25 - the number of phone calls I fielded yesterday
2 - the number of days it took to sell our old couch and love seat
25 - the number of minutes it will now take us to drive to church on Sunday mornings
7 - the number of days I ran my garage sale in the last two weeks
0 - the number of utilities I've switched over to the new house
4 - the number of nights I've "slept" on a deflated air mattress
9:00 - the numbers on the clock when I get out to the new house every night this week to unload
15 - the number of trips its taken us to haul all our stuff out here
13 - the number of feet our moving truck was
17 - the number of feet our our moving truck was suppose to be
3.51 - the price of gas right now
6 - the number of years we've lived in this house
10:00 - the numbers on the clock tomorrow when we hand over the keys to the rental lady
4 - the number of things I've bought or sold on CraigsList in the past week
6 - the number of days we'll be without satellite TV. I guess I'll have to catch ER in reruns.
1 - the number of minutes I've let myself think about the emotional side of leaving the only home our children have ever known
a gazillion - the number of memories we created in this house


Anonymous April 30, 2008 at 10:25 PM  

You are ALMOST home, my friend! Nice work! I am SO proud of you. ALL of your blood, sweat and tears will soon be WORTH IT! I canNOT wait to come see all that has transpired at your new place!!!

Kelly April 30, 2008 at 10:40 PM  

Can't wait to hear about all of the NEW memories yet to create in the new home! :)

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