Friday, January 18, 2008


The downside of having a new blog is that I can't link back to old posts. To recap for anyone who's new to our story - When Brian left his old employer in August and applied for a National Park Service job we put our house on the market. We tried for 6 weeks to sell it on our own before calling in a professional. We didn't want to waste any more time. Our old Realtor referred us to our current one who specializes in short sales (when you owe more than your house is worth). She is a genius in the field and worked her magic over the course of the past four months. We rarely went a week without a showing or two and in this market that's really, really good. When Brian didn't get the Park Service job we widened our job search. We were ready to move wherever God led, but the doors just weren't opening. In His perfect timing, a door opened for us and we have been given the opportunity to remain in our home. We won't be the owners of it (as of 4pm next Thursday), but we won't have to pack up in the middle of winter and relocate. The new owner is even going to send in a plumber to see if a second bathroom on the main floor is a possibility. What a long journey this has been, but we've made it. It wouldn't be right to spill the details of the transaction, but I can say for certain that with Christ, all things are possible. We can move forward without the burden of debt that continuing to own this house would have brought. We also appreciate this house so much more. It's easy to look at the things we don't like or wish we had money to change, but we are happy here and happy we will stay.

Here's a peek into what our house looked like during the first 2 months of showings. After that - not so much. We had more last minute showings than any family with two small children should have to endure, but we only turned down two of them. Any chance to get people in the front door was very important. I could write about the nightmarish circumstances we had to go through and even though I can laugh about them now, I'm afraid it would come off as whining and who wants to hear that? So without further ado: Welcome to our home.....


MerrandaVK January 19, 2008 at 7:51 PM  

Your home is very nicely decorated.. I love your childrens' rooms!

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