Thursday, December 27, 2007

Once upon a time...

...there was a mom who had two children and a husband (who'd been leaving for work at midnight for two days straight). Both children had good sets of lungs that were often exercised while their daddy was trying to rest. The mom didn't want to fight that battle so she searched for something to do with her little ones for a few hours before nap-time.
After carefully weighing her options (cost, distance, tiredness of the children, time until naps, etc...), the mom decided that the local community center would offer the best outlet for the kid's energy and allow them a quick trip home if one (or two) should happen to meltdown and need a nap earlier than expected.

So off they went to do battle in the ball pit and conquer dragons lurking in the castle slide.
The children were famished after their adventures so they dined on hunks of meat(balls) before embarking on a quest into the Northwoods forest filled with creatures like moose, wolves, raccoons, deer, and bears.

Once the excitement wore off they were ready to embark on another conquest. A call had not been heard throughout the kingdom telling the mom that her husband had awoken from his slumber so the mom loaded up the coach and went in search of something else to entertain her children.

It was in the second village, that a kind sir took pity on them and let them cross the bridge without paying the toll. They crept in as to not alert anyone to their presence and cause an uproar. Slipping into open seats, they rested their tiring bodies while the drama unfolded in front of them. There were more battles, another dragon, and a prince charming to bestow true Love's kiss. The mom couldn't believe her good fortune when her youngest fell asleep and didn't wake until proclamation went out that her husband had awoken. The eldest child was mesmerised by the action and wasn't alarmed when three little rodents in front of us began helping themselves to food after the princess and her prince had left to live happily ever after. And so this mom and her little ones left too, to live out their own happily ever after.


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