Thursday, October 25, 2007

The number of the day

So I thought making a game out of figuring out how many times I put the kids in and then took them back out of the van today, but I'm too tired from the eighteen times I performed this task to be creative. For some reason I get paralyzed by the not knowing of Brian's job search and ignore my to-do list. Normally I get a thrill from taking a pen and slashing a line through a completed chore/project/phone call etc... Lately I've been frozen and unable to accomplish much besides playing with the kids, photographing them, and doing my best to maintain a sense of normalcy in our not-so-normal lives.
Even though Brian didn't get the city job he interviewed for, I still feel better now that we at least have an answer. Today is proof of that. We were up before 6am in order to take Brian to work. The kids were happy and sociable despite being woken up much before they normally do. We all marveled at the glowing moon as it made it's decent towards the horizon during our commute. The kids and I had to wait for the rest of the world to wake up before starting our marathon errand day so unfortunately, that meant an extra in/out of the van.
We left the house again at 9am (If you're double checking my math - we're at 3 in/out of van with kids) ordered prints at Walgreens, went to our church to make photocopies, dropped some daycare paperwork off in the social service mailbox (Thankfully this errand only required that I park at the curb, lock the car, and run really fast up to the mail slot and back.), mailed two packages at the post office, picked up pictures at Walgreens, stopped at Target for the ingredients for the appetizer we're taking to a party tomorrow night.......where does that leave me? (besides ready for a nap) 13- counting getting the kids out at home before nap time. That was just this morning. After naps we hopped back in the car to go to park near where Brian works in order to be closer when he called for a ride. Fifteen minutes after we started playing he called. Back in the car (16), pick up Daddy, get dinner at Sam's Club, and finally call it a day. Yep, that's 18.
Except for needing a way to take Sam to school tomorrow, I don't mind one bit that Brian is driving himself to work in the morning.

Thanks Sharon for staying with Julia so I can use your car to take Sammy to school!!!


killlashandra October 26, 2007 at 1:29 PM  

Days like that are killer with kids. I'd had errand days where it's the post office, walmart, walgreens, albertsons, and home depot. By the time I've take W.W. out of the carseat a bazillion times all I can think about is passing out in bed! ;)

Think of it as good exercise. :)

Jennifer McKinney Photography October 26, 2007 at 7:56 PM  

I'm exhausted just reading all that!

After initially hearing of your busy morning of errands, I was going to ask you what all you did. But I thought better of it: perhaps you didn't want to re-live it. But I'm glad you did, because I was curious what all you did!

And, I must know, did my comment to you on e-mail about having to take kids in and out and in and out of carseats on errand trips inspire this very well-written, engaging post!?! :)

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