Monday, October 1, 2007

Fall Camping at Lake Maria State Park

Without a doubt the highlight of our year is the annual camping trip we go on with two other families. The group has grown with the addition of spouses and another generation of kids. I was a new addition eight years ago and this year we initiated Julia, Maddie, Tommy, Adam, and Karen into the ranks of hearty souls who are willing to brave sleet, snow, rain, and high winds to have the opportunity to laugh till our sides hurt, eat till we can eat no more, and our favorite activity (tied with getting ourselves lost on the hiking trials) - reminiscing about past camping weekends. This group have been friends since Brian was in grade school so there many stories to share.

Already Sam is pitching in to get camp set up.

We've learned over the years to bring wagons to haul supplies to the campsite, but this year they served another purpose - kiddy containment (and self entertainment when they spent half a day pulling each other around)

When Sam, Tommy, and Adam weren't pulling the wagon or fishing, they were playing baseball.

Stew, chili, sweats, hot dogs, pasta, bread, muffins, bacon, sausage, eggs, marshmallows, and yes - even Julia's shoe were all devoured at the campsite.

Julia thought camping was the greatest thing ever!


She wants to be just like her big brother and wear his backpack.

The start of day 2 - rise and shine!

"I may be clean now, but it won't last."

Told you so.

Grandpa kept a big fire roaring most of the weekend. Sam helped "keep the forest clean" by hauling branches to the campsite.

The boys loved fishing. They went a couple times each day.

I wasn't exaggerating when I said we brave the elements. A little rain wasn't stopping us!

We hit the trail shortly after this picture was taken.

Technically we were following the "all dogs must be on a leash" rule.

We wrapped up the weekend with some of Kitty's famous stew and headed home for some much needed baths.


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