Friday, September 7, 2007

Sam's First Day of School

At 5:30 this morning Sam called me into his room to tell me he was ready to go to school. You'd think this early start would make it impossible to be late, but I'm embarrassed to admit that it was 9:05 before we walked through the front door of his new school.

Daddy shared some of that all important first meal of the day with his big boy before leaving for the day. (Notice that it's still dark out!) As if a switch had been flipped, Sam started freaking out about going to school. I wish I could say I handled it with grace and compassion, but I didn't. I was stressed about being late and his whining was not getting us out the door any faster. Reminding myself of JMom's post about our expectations, I got my act together and was able to calm Sam's fears. So what if I didn't get the perfect "first day of school" picture. He was still a bit nervous about going into the classroom, but soon found the train he fell in love with at the open house and turned back into the easy going Sam I know him to be most of the time.
He's always been a big fan of the sensory table and sure enough when I came back into the room to get him after my parent ed portion of the day, there he was, covered in sand.We ended the morning with circle time and a picture with his teacher. All in all it was a good first day. The real test will be Monday when I leave him in the room for 2 hours while I take Grant and Julia to their class down the hall.


Jennifer McKinney Photography September 7, 2007 at 2:45 PM  

Ahh, great! Glad you loved your first day, Sam! Can't wait to hear how Monday goes!!

Jennisa - Avery and Livvie's Mommy! September 7, 2007 at 10:08 PM  

I'm with Jennifer! Can't wait to see how Monday goes! And, how fun that you can be down the hall from him with the others in their "school" room too!

P.S. I was going to comment on your song post, but I'll just do it here. From This Moment was in our wedding too...I think it really dates the "times" then. What a popular song it was!

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