Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Tricks

Julia has been rather adventurous over the course of this past week. At the ball pit she dives in head-first, crawls around the perimeter, and doesn't mind a bit when she sinks deep into the rainbow sea of balls.

Our days of sitting on the blue mat during tot-time gym are over as well.
She now crawls on, over, and through everything. She probably won't be walking by her first birthday, but that won't stop our little climber. Cruising along furniture is probably only days away, much to Sam's dismay. His trains are no longer safe from chubby, inquisative fingers .

She's getting the hang of playing catch too. It won't be long before she and Sam are playing together rather than side by side.

The baby gates have come down at our house after 2 YEARS. I must say it is liberating!! Of course we have to be vigilant about knowing where the kids are at all times. Having Brian home all the time makes that a cinch. We'll never know if she would have been able to climb the steps any earlier, but we now know for certain that steps won't stop her from exploring the world around her.
(Yes that's a muumuu she's wearing. Authentic Hawaiian garb Grandma found at a garage sale. It's pretty bold, but Jo Jo's got the personality to pull it off.)


Jennifer McKinney Photography August 23, 2007 at 11:35 PM  

I love her muumuu and all her new tricks!!!

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