Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The good life

It's easy for me to focus on the negative and in our current situation there is plenty of it. When I update friends and family on Brian's job search or our plight with our mortgage, it can seem like we are in a bad place. On paper, especially financially, that is most definetely a true statement, but in the grand sceeme of things, we are doing just fine. In fact - we couldn't be better. We have each other to lean on, we still find joy in the little things - especially the kids, and most of all we are trusting God.

I've rediscovered a great little book called, "Joy Breaks". when I was staging our home to sell. I love it when the Lord orchestrates the little things. Out of the 100+ books I could have grabbed to sit next to a coffee mug, the one that has message after message for me is the one "I" chose. The book is filled with short devotions to celebrate, simplify, and add laughter to your life. Here's the prayer I read today:

"Dear Lord, like a child with her mom, when I say now, I mean right now! Thank you for not always dropping everything in the universe and rushing to my rescue. Instead, you have allowed me to feel my neediness and experience my limitations so I will understand that it is You who will (eventually) save me. I don't want to refuse your perfect plan; I want to find refuge in you. Then I will have the stamina to make it to the end. Amen."


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