Thursday, May 3, 2007

TT #4

13 Countries I've visited and why:

1. Costa Rica - First stop on a three month college study abroad trip in 1997. River rafted, snorkled, and went horseback riding up a volcano.
2. Peru - Next stop on my journey. Spent a month here traveling in the rain forest, cities, and hiking the Inca Trail to Machupichu
3. Nicaragua - A river we were on bordered this country so we had to stop for a passport stamp. I was only there 15 minutes.
4. Brazil - vacation (went to see Iguazu Falls)
5. Argentina - Another leg of my college trip. I went whale watching, hitch-hiked, and enjoyed some free time away from the 60 other college students I was traveling with. It was also fun to spend a couple weeks in Buenos Aires. - a hip, modern city. We often crossed one of the widest streets in the world where if you didn't run fast you wouldn't make it across the many lanes of traffic in time. This website says it's 110 meter wide.
6. Paraguay - only spent about an hour here. Had to leave before reuniting with an old friend who was serving in the Peace Corps because we didn't have the correct passport stamp. So close, yet so far away.....
7. Chile- the last stop before heading back to the states. It was November therefore it was spring there. Very cool to be lounging on the green grass making buttercup crowns (was suppose to be studying for my finals) in November.

Spent 10 weeks back on campus before leaving for.....

8. Austria - (Vienna) My home for three months during a different study abroad trip in 1998.
9. France - vacation - typical touristy stuff
10. Spain - vacationed for a couple of days in a quaint little village called San Sebastian
11. Poland - school field trip to see Auschwitz
12. Italy - Made a couple trips here during my time in Europe - once to Florence and another weekend in Venice.
13. Czech Republic - spent a weekend in Prague (another school field trip) - a fabulous city to visit. Thank goodness most Europeans speak English! I have enough trouble understanding Spanish so you can imagine how I struggled with Czech.


Paula Hickson Photography Blog May 3, 2007 at 3:41 PM  

Hey Carrie! Thanks for getting back to me! As far as Baby Noah, I am sure I will follow his blog as long as Adrienne keeps it up.Since the first time I saw that beautiful baby boy,I have been hooked on him and his wonderful mommy, daddy and big sister! They're wonderful and inspiring! Yes, the picture of Noah's name in the sand gave me goosebumps as well when I saw it. It's a beautiful picture.

So about your photography, it's amazing. I LOVE looking at the pics you've taken of your kids. I absolutley love taking pics of my babies too! They don't exactly like me following them around constantly with a camera but they deal with it!LOL Anyway, I was wondering if you could give me a little insider info on whay type of camera I should buy? What kind do you use? I have a friend who is an amateur photographer but when I look at her pics, I see a total pro, but anyway she has a Nikon D-50 and is trading up to a D-80 I believe. I looked up the D-50 and the price is crazy. do you have any tips on where I should purchase a great camera from or even what type you would suggest? I know I have alot of questions, please forgive I just know i love taking pics but don't know much about how to get off to a good start!LOL


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