Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Feeding Frenzy

Thankfully things aren't this messy during meal times anymore - but with three, sometimes four kids eating at the same time, we get pretty close.

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(Sam on 12/9/05)

Digging in the sandbox must have required a lot of energy this morning because at lunch today Sam ate 4 full pieces of Turkey bacon and two scrambled eggs. He washed that all down with a big glass of milk. I feel like we are in a constant feeding frenzy in this house. Sam can be holding a waffle in his hand and asking me for "something else eat?" at the same time. Then there's Grant who eats his food faster than any other kid I know. The only thing that slowed us down today was me trying to guide the spoon into his mouth as he bounced up and down in the exersaucer. (I only have one high chair) I get the booster chair out on days Brianna is here, but like I said, he eats so fast it's not worth the extra effort to pull out another chair.

While I was cooking Sam's second round of eggs and bacon Julia was busy scarfing up hunks of zucchini squash. Once Sam was busy eating I was able to sit between the babies and take turns offering them bites of food. If anyone is interested: Grant was enjoying homemade (his mommy makes all his food too) squash and pears. Julia's buffet included: 1/2 cup of Super Oatmeal Porridge that Daddy cooked up last night, mixed with flax seed oil, 2 T kiwi, 2 T sweet potatoes. She finished up with a handful of Oatios.

At seven months she started eating solids three times a day. Some days I can barely keep up. If it weren't for having yogurt, applesauce, and bananas on hand - I'd be in trouble. Her porridge takes 10 minutes to cook and most of her veggies are frozen and require at least 5 minutes to thaw in a bowl of hot water. (Microwaving foods will lower their nutritional content)

Here's my good little eater....

This blue bib that Julia is wearing is made from a fingertip towel and was mine when I was a baby. I'm so glad my mom held on to them for me because they are the best! She even made me some new ones since these are pretty thin after 30 years.

I was a big eater too, but I don't know that I was wearing 2T clothes at 7 months like Julia.

On a sort of related note: A while back I posted two pictures of babies and had people guess who was who. As you can tell now, by these bib photos, Julia looks a lot like I did at her age.
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