Thursday, May 24, 2007

13 things on my "Getting Ready for Denver" list

*While this might not be the most entertaining TT, it will help me stay on task (we leave two weeks from today). I will be flying by myself with the kids(on the way there only) so being organized is very important. I figured this would also be a good time to ask for travel suggestions/tips/tricks etc.... that other moms had to offer. We depart from here at 7am (not excited about a 5am airport run) and our return trip departs at 7pm (both kids bedtimes)

1. Plan menu for kids
2. Research average temps for that time of year
3. Plan our clothes based on those temps
4. Decide on the essentials for traveling with two children
5. Check TSA regulations for carry-ons
6. Buy a new booster seat for Sam
7. Pick up the car seat we are going to borrow from some friends of ours
8. Ask someone to water the garden and pick up the newspaper while we are away
9. Lose 5 pounds
10. Pack the dog's food and supplies for his stay at my mom's house
11. Grocery shop and cook food we'll need for Julia's meals
12. Pack clothes for everyone
13. Deliver all luggage (including Brian) to in-law's house the day before our flight so they can begin their road trip to Denver


Kim May 24, 2007 at 11:08 AM  

You sound like you have a great plan ahead of you. I find that if I try to lose weight before we go on a vacation I just gain it all back ON vacation so I dont even try anymore, besides after having a child the weight is there and I dont think it's going anywhere anytime soon :( I got my TT label on

Valerie May 31, 2007 at 7:24 AM  

Miriam and I have been reading your blog regularly, but don't often get the chance to reply. But, since we've done A LOT of plane travel, now with both Miriam and Kevin, I thought I'd write. Don't know your flight plans, but we always check at the ticket counter when we have a baby in the lap if they can change our seat so that we have an extra seat in the row. If the flight isn't full, they're pretty accomodating. Also, extra clothes for kids (and probably parents too) is always a good idea for those accidents you can't predict. On the way back from Germany, I had Miriam on my lap, and let's just say I had a wet spot on my pants for the rest of the trip after her accident. Of course, she was fine since I had a change of clothes for her! Looks like you're very organized, though, so you shouldn't have a problem. Have a great trip!

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