Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thirteen Jobs I've Had In My Life

1. Babysitter - there's a shocker huh? I was 13 and spent a summer watching two boys (6 and 8) for 11 hours
a day, 5 days a week. Pay: $100 a week
2. Tobacco Harvester - Hard, dirty, physical labor. The farmer I worked for didn't allow the workers to talk unless it was break time. If I think hard enough I can smell the
big green leaves. Yuck! Pay: $4.25 an hour
3.McDonald's - Doesn't everyone work at a fast food restaurant at some point?
4. Waitress at a small family restaurant - so small that I had to bus my own tables and wash
the dishes too. Pay: $3.90 an hour
5. Studio Assistant - in the pottery studio of my college. I helped other students with their ceramic projects and kept the studio clean. I got paid to do my own homework.
6.Telemarketer - for a cable company selling HBO and Cinemax. I'd never had cable before in my life, but I was suppose to talk people into wasting their money on this product.
7.Canvaser - I went door to door asking for money for an environmental watchdog group. When after one night of shadowing another canvaser and one more night working by myself they asked me to train a new person. I gave my notice and got the heck out of there.
8.Cell Phone Refurbisher - Not a job situation I'm proud of. I was working there through a temp agency and was so disgusted by a permanent employee's slacking that I told him off one day. He proceeded to make life miserable for me and after I asked a supervisor to move me to a different area they fired me. They told the temp agency that I was disruptive. As if! My hard work (the numbers don't lie buddy!) was paying for this losers profit sharing. Thankfully since I was technically employed by the temp agency I won't have to say on future job applications that I've been fired before.
9.Nanny - I watched my cousins from the time they were infants until they were 6 and 4. I even took Sam with for a year until I got too sick during my pregnancy with Julia and had to resign.
10.Professional Gift Wrapper - I'm not kidding!!! I was that girl behind the counter at Dayton's who'd wrap that wedding gift you could get gift wrapped for free.
11.National Park Service Ranger - Not as a gun-slinging ranger, but an Interpretive Ranger (that's NPS lingo for Naturalist)
12.Rebate Redemption - I spent countless hours shuffling through receipts and rebate forms so I could enter names and addresses into a computer about Best Buy and Friske's Cat Food rebates. My employer claimed I could make big bucks doing this - Typing 60 wpm must not be fast enough because I never made much money at this job.
13. Daycare Provider My current job - I get to play all day, stay in my pj's if I want, and my commute is as long as it takes me to walk down a set of stairs. Best of all I am home with my kids simultaneously doing the best job in the world - being a mom.
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Jennifer McKinney Photography April 12, 2007 at 8:18 AM  

Highly, highly intriguing!! I would never, ever have known! I am very certain I have not held that many jobs in my life. How have you had time in only 30 years? Anyway, I learned lots more about you today! Here's my code for today:

Carrie April 12, 2007 at 8:23 AM  

I even left out a couple! (retail jobs with Eddie Bauer (WI and MN) and that store that sells calendars around Christmas time)

Jennisa - Avery and Livvie's Mommy! April 12, 2007 at 9:15 AM  

How fun! Lots of different jobs! I might have to steal this subject for one of my TT down the road!

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