Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Moving Mountains

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I let Sam pick the stories we read during Circle Time for my daycare. Normally he picks a few favorites and we try to get them read before one of the babies is ready for a nap. Today for some reason Sam kept bringing in more and more books. He would not stop. So after Grant and Julia were asleep I thought it would be fun for Sam and I to lay on the floor and work our way through the mountain of books he'd created. We didn't quite make it. I read about eight and he was ready for the next activity. I wasn't about to pick up all these books myself or Sam wouldn't learn anything from this. Besides, he'd carried them all into the room, he could darn well carry them back out - and that's what he did. I'm so proud of him for picking them all up (mostly) by himself. I did carry one load in an effort to promote teamwork. God can move mountains, but so can my Sammy - mountains of books that is.


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