Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Familiar Sight in the Pauly House


Our dog, Conor, is going to be nine in May. For the first seven years of his life he was our baby. We planned our life around him. Two kids later and he's become low man on the totum pole - spending much of his day on the steps away from kids who would love to pull his hair. Despite this, his love for us hasn't changed a bit. EVERY time I come in the door he is there to greet me with his tail wagging a
mile-a -minute. Each time I pass by him on the steps he looks up at me with his shifty eyes (he has major vision issues) and is thrilled to receive even a little pat on the head. So when Conor nosed his way into Julia's room this afternoon while I was trying to put her down for her nap I was annoyed, but then my heart soften when I thought of how how he just wants to be where I am.

I sat in Julia's room for a couple of minutes to make sure she was asleep before coming back downstairs. To pass the time I picked up my Bible from the nightstand and turned to
today's devotional. Psalm 23....a familiar passage. Today what spoke to me was that even when I push God to the back burner and don't make time for Him, He is there to walk through the valleys with me - to be my comfort. It is so humbling to think that no matter what, I can confess my sins, turn to God, and He'll always want to be with me.....I'll be reminded of this every time I step over the dog on my way upstairs.

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Jennifer McKinney Photography March 21, 2007 at 3:57 PM  

Very sweet. And, yes, I can see the photo!

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