Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Sam and I were both brave this past Friday, but for different reasons. Me, for putting a swimming suit on for the first time post-baby and Sam, for going down the caterpillar slide at the Community Center pool. It took me 20 minutes to convince him to sit on my lap and give it a try. After he did that a few times he got brave enough to do it all by himself.

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My camera battery died so I found this picture of the slide at the Community Center website.

When I discovered that my camera didn't work I considered not letting Julia go in the water after all since I wouldn't be able to document this "first", but then I realized how stupid I was being and let her splash around with her brother. The water didn't phase her a bit. I think if she could talk she would have said, "Geez Mom. What did you expect? It wasn't that long that I was swimming in amniotic fluid. How is this different?"

If you are wondering how I took two small children to the pool by myself - I didn't. Brian took some much deserved time off to spend the afternoon with us. I love it when has the opportunity to do that. I sometimes feel like I get to enjoy all the fun stuff with the kids during the day and he misses out. He was able to witness Julia's first swimming experience and help Sam be brave. He and Sam played with the boats, went down the water slide together, poured water on Daddy's head, and basically had a grand time. Yeah for Daddy!


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