Sunday, February 25, 2007

A wintery weekend

I'd like to be able to post pictures of us all playing outside in the foot of snow we have, but no such pictures exist. Sam doesn't like the snow (something that worries me) and Julia is a little young to be out outside for very long. Instead we had to get creative and entertain ourselves inside. On Saturday we went to a library event before the snow got too deep. Sam played the part of the mouse during the reading of "The Mitten". He was brave and crawled into the mitten with the other animals.

Julia is on a pretty good schedule, so the sling comes in handy at nap time when we aren't at home.

Today we have too much snow to leave the house so we plugged in a crock pot full of chili and crawled under a blanket for a reading marathon. After a half hour Sam was more interested in making shadow puppets with the flashlight than reading, but oh well. It's nice to be able to sit back and let him be creative. The only shadow puppet I can make is a sorry looking puppy/crocodile so we were soon on to the next activity.

This is Sammy finger painting with chocolate pudding. You might be wondering why his face isn't covered with pudding too. We don't eat pudding so he didn't have a clue that this "paint" was edible. I kept this info to myself -why confuse the kid? I figured the next time we got out real finger paints he might try to eat them too.

We miss daddy who's been working overtime to keep the trails in our neighborhood plowed. Maybe he'll be done soon and we will get some of those outside photos I had hoped to post. Stay tuned.....

Ok, It's six hours later and I'm happy to report that we were able to get outside to play in the snow. I think it helped that Sam wanted to go out and help daddy with the shoveling.

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Jennifer McKinney Photography February 25, 2007 at 9:04 PM  

Oooh, an UPDATED post. I love it! That was an unexpected surprise (I guess all surprises are). Glad Sammy got out in the snow! I was like Brian today, walking around in no jacket. I thought it was warm out! Of course, I bundled Kieran to the hilt, don't worry. Anyway, I loved reading about all the fun things you did this weekend. You never cease to inspire me with kid ideas. Pudding painting, here we come!

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