Wednesday, February 21, 2007

This Mamma Bear isn't ready to come out of hibernation quite yet

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It's finally above freezing here in Minnesota after three straight weeks of FREEZING cold. I decided before we get a bunch of snow this coming weekend as predicted I would take the kids on their very first spring walk. I'm not so sure that I'm ready for all that it takes to get three kids out the door. Here is how our morning went:
* Get Grant and Julia in their snowsuits
* Put Sam's coat, hat, gloves, and puddle boots on
* Put Grant in the carseat
* Put Julia in the sling
* Lay Julia back down because Sam tells me he's poopy
* Take Sam's boots and pants off to change his diaper
* Put said items back on
* Make three trips up and down the steps to the garage
* Load Grant into the stroller
* Find different shoes in the garage for Sam because one of his puddle boots is
already falling off

Now the part that makes it all worth it:
* Get more fresh air in 40 minutes than we have all winter combined
* Talk with Sam about all we see along the way
* Know that the babies will sleep great later because of the fresh air
* Get to see Daddy at work when we walk the trail next to his office
* Puddle jumping!
* Pretend that walking at a toddler's pace will help the baby weight come off


Jennifer McKinney Photography February 21, 2007 at 1:22 PM  

Time Warp! You posted this at 1:24 today but it's only 1:21! Okay, you must have JUST posted it. So glad you guys got out---and good for you for going through alllll that effort to do it---today. Puddle jumping, great idea.

Carrie February 21, 2007 at 1:39 PM  

Somehow blogger thinks I'm in a different time zone and I always forget to edit the time before I post. Your comment says it posted at 2:22pm but it's only 1:37pm. I don't want it to be 2:22 yet because that would mean nap time is over and I still haven't taken the time to eat lunch.

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